La Fondazione “Vincenzo Agnesi” si occupa delle Paste Alimentari incentivandone la ricerca in ordine agli aspetti:

  • historical
  • food - dietary
  • qualitative - nutritional
  • qualitative - productive

The Foundation proposes this typical Italian product as “food for the world” . It is an autonomous moral body, not connected to any company producing the food sector and pasta in particular.


The Foundation, which is not for profit, has the purpose of:

  • promote knowledge and enhancement of Italian pasta in the world
  • stimulate research in terms of food - dietary, qualitative - nutritional and qualitative - productive aspects, also through the establishment of scholarships and the provision of prizes;
  • maintain and develop its historical-institutional aspect , also through the establishment of a historical museum;
  • contribute to solve or at least alleviate the currently unsolved problem of malnutrition in the world through the right and harmonious use of this typical Italian product;
  • promote , in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and / or with other Ministries, with public or private bodies, activities aimed at teachers and students and on-line bookstore activities line.


To hand down these contents not only economic which represent the strength of ideas in the constant exercise of the factual, to open up a scenario, difficult but possible, of scientific knowledge welded in all one with the culture of man, the promoters did not hesitate to privilege the legal instrument of the Foundation.

An appropriate reflection on the deeper meaning of law and laws suggests the need for prudent intervention in the field of large industry so that there is no dispersion of capital resulting from a lack of perception of reality through articulated mechanisms on alienating ideologies. This would result in a loss of contact with reality from whose experience useful opportunities arise to shape a humanly productive activity in a global sense, both in terms of performance and in terms of values.

The Foundation consists, after legal recognition, in the activation of a juridically and economically autonomous Universitas that can survive the individuals who have promoted it. Furthermore, this institution cannot be acquired by national or international economic powers. It is inalienable even by the founders themselves. The vocational aspect of the Foundation is the response to primary human need: the problem of nutrition.

The Extraordinary Commissioners are committed to:

  • reorganize the management of the foundation's real estate assets by allocating it to the statutory purposes of the institution and re-evaluating the related assets so that they can be productive of income;
  • start a concrete path aimed at identifying a suitable and adequate venue where to set up the National Pasta Museum in the traditional sense and where to appropriately allocate the ancient and prestigious machinery of the Agnesi family;
  • promote knowledge and enhancement of Italian pasta through the disbursement of prizes by enhancing the annual 'Museum Prize';
  • to provide, after modifying the statutory regulations, for the reconstitution of the foundation's ordinary management bodies.

The Extraordinary Commissioners
Prefetto Luigi Varratta
Prof. Alberto Falini

Immagini della Fondazione Vincenzo Agnesi